Zdravá krajina

Síť vzdělávacích a poradenských středisek pro podporu hospodaření šetrného k přírodě a krajině

Schools and public

Grazing practices are a great opportunity to learn something about living on a farm. The trainees spend one week managing a herd of sheep and goats. The practices proceed on the Štítary hill, a biologicaly and historicaly significant locality, where the termophilous slopes are managed with extenzive grazing. Students also get information about biodiversity and history of locality. The practices are organized by ZO ČSOP Libosváry.

Farm excursions are prepared mainly for students of agriculture and ecology. During a one-day excursion, participants can see practical life and work on farms in the surroundings of České Budějovice. This activity is provided by DAPHNE CZ and CEGV Cassiopeia.

Practical learning programmes in Station "Help to Nature" are aimed to children in basic and nursery schools. The instructors explain the children what is the landscape composed of, what are the functions of particular components and how we can contribute to conserving and improving it.

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