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What is Healthy Landscape

Who are the activities addressed to?

The "Healthy Landscape" project virtually aims at all people who influence the landscape and environment. The main target group are farmers because they have intensive, large-scale and everyday impact on the landscape.

Part of our activities aims at children and young people - if we want to change an human attitude to the landscape it is necessary to learn children to percieve the landscape and respect it like our home. Besides that, we work with students of ecology and agriculture, public administration bodies, NGO's, scientists etc.

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What is the aim of the project and it's key activities?

The aim of the project is to establish a network of educational and advisory centres. This network provides complex and qualified counselling and education supporting environmentally friendly management of nature and landscape.

Key activities are on-farm visits and following counselling for farmers. These visits enable us to get a detailed knowledge of specific aspects of a farm as a base for an individual approach to counselling.For students we prepare farm excursions and practices focused on principles and importance of environmentally friendly farming. Children (basic and nursery schools) can visit special learning programmes about the landscape in Station „Help to Nature“.

What are the target area and the period of realization?

The Healthy Landscape Project was launched in February 2006 and is going to finish in January 2008. The target areas are the regions of České Budějovice, Týn nad Vltavou, Trhové Sviny and Domažlice regions (part of South and West Bohemia). We suggest project continuation in similar way after 2008.

Who is the project realized by and what is the source of funding?

The main project coordinator is NGO DAPHNE CZ – Institute of Applied Ecology and the project partner organisations are – ZO ČSOP Libosváry , Station "Help to Nature" (only in Czech), CEGV Cassiopeia (only in Czech), Public Society of Nové Hrady (only in Czech) and town Týn nad Vltavou.

The project has been supported by The European Social Fund and the Czech Republic state budget.

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