Hrázský & Mihulka, 2008: Klíčení semen javoru jasanolistého (Acer negundo) a postup jeho invaze v ČR.

Hrázský, Z. & Mihulka, S., 2008. Klíčení semen javoru jasanolistého (Acer negundo) a postup jeho invaze v ČR. Zprávy Čes. Bot. Společ., Praha, 43, Mater. 23: 151-162

in Czech with abstract in English

Germination of boxelder seeds was examinated for 4 different over winter treatments (on the mother tree; in soil; in constant temperature under 5°C and in constant temperature about 20°C). Germination was tested for seeds sown in 5 different dates trought the winter and in two different depth in soil during second experiment in winter 2000/2001. Germination rate was between 12% and 73% for individual trees. The average rate of germination for greenhouse experiment was about 64%. The average rate for soil experiment - in the case of 5 cm depth sown seeds - was only about 10%. Seeds sown in the depth of 25 cm showed just a minimal germination ability (up to 2%). The set of phytosociological releves from boxelder naturalization sites and records from national vegetation mapping in years 2001-2004 were analysed for boxelder habitat affinity. The most often occupied sites are stands along rivers, mainly alluvial forests, such observation is consistent with boxelder native habitats. Parcitipation in succesion series on the mesic sites (medows and abandomed land around citied) in the surounding of Acer negundo planting sites was observed and such behavior is in agreement with life strategy described from primary areal. Several sources of Acer negundo naturalization records were connected into the time phytocartogram, showing the records according their collection time in the space of Czech Republic.